Telecommunications, Media and Technology (TMT)

Technology, media, and telecommunications law (TMT) deals with the contractual and legal/regulatory implications of new and emerging technologies, and their application across multiple platforms, including print, television and video, the internet and mobile devices. The phenomenal growth of the internet and cutting-edge next-generation technologies means that the TMT sector is continually growing and developing. As the world continues to move onto the internet in ever greater waves, this sector will only continue to expand.

Our TMT practice brings together lawyers with a proven track record in industry and government services. Notably, our Associate Partner, Michael Dugeri, is the proud author of Nigeria’s first authoritative, and most comprehensive book “Entertainment Law in Nigeria”, which is widely regarded as a masterpiece in scholarship, and an important resource for entertainers, entertainment companies, and practitioners in music, film, sports, and broadcast. 

Our areas of substantive focus for TMT clients include:

§  Intellectual Property

§  Telecommunications

§  Media

§  Broadband networks and services

§  Information Technology

§  Cybersecurity, privacy and data protection

§  Spectrum acquisitions and transactions

§  Content creation and distribution

§  Digital content distribution and digital rights management

§  E-commerce and online retailers

§  Film and television production, financing and distribution