Corporate and Project Finance

TThe Firm is actively involved in Securitisation and Real Estate Investment Trusts in Nigeria; it has continued to drive for the creation of an enabling environment for securitisation transactions in Nigeria, in concert with other stakeholders and the necessary regulatory authorities, by organizing workshops and contributing to the rule and regulation making process of these authorities. The Firm is also active in many Capital Market Operator committees set up by the regulatory authorities to seek ways of improving the market.

The Firm is also involved in the other forms of Corporate and Project Finance. For instance it successfully advised BNP Paribas in its extension of a US$180,000,000 Senior Crude Oil Pre-Export Financing Facility to Conoil Producing Limited and Continental Oil and Gas Limited. It also, advised on securitising a further US$300,000,000 Senior Crude Oil Pre-Export Financing Facility to Conoil by the same bank.